Training and Social

The professionals of the SEFORDE`s training service form a multidisciplinary and qualified team, since all of them are graduates and registered in their respective professional associations.

The varied training possibilities provided by SEFORDE are always focused on early detection and preventive action that avoids anomalous actions.

In SEFORDE we prefer to act before it happens.
From the integral point of view that our broad team of professionals allows, we have personalized training actions for different groups, victims of different types of violence, aggressors, …etc.
And if preventative training is important, for SEFORDE, our social commitment is as important or more important to generate in society in general, a culture in which situations of violence must be being eradicated.


Among the courses taught by SEFORDE, there are:
• Preventive actions towards Bullying in school environment.
• Actions to detect and act against Workplace Mobbing.
• Introduction to Criminology adjusted to gender perspective.
• Information, guidance and monitoring in adolescence and safe entertainment.
• Awareness in adolescents facing dangers of drug and alcohol consumption.
• Knowledge of prevention and support in situations in which Gender Violence is already installed.
• Education in rejection of violence.
• Access to Dialogue
• Techniques of containment and aggressiveness management.
• Self-defense and verbal containment courses.
• Emotional self-control.
• application consistent, timely and proportional Defensive response (COP).
• Occupational Therapy of the elderly through Personal Defense.
• Etc…


Self Defense
for Women

Knowing what to do at the right time makes the difference. Women, not only must be aware that they must defend themselves against any aggression, but they must know how to do it to resolve a potentially dangerous situation, in the most favorable way possible.

Therefore, if you are a woman, it is very important that you learn the fundamental protocols and concepts related to female personal defense. You will gain confidence, security and know how to react in a conflict situation.

• Mobility and simple aggressions
• Basic and contact aggressions
• Complex and dangerous situations
• Real situations and personal security



Emotional intelligence is ” the ability to process emotional information accurately and efficiently, including the ability to perceive, assimilate, understand and regulate emotions” (Mayer, Salovey and Caruso, 2000) and provides the foundation for the development of Emotional competence

In the current era of permanent change, emotional Intelligence and emotional competencies become an important adaptation resource, essential for
increase professional performance and personal well-being in various areas (school, work, family, etc …)

In spite of this, traditionally it is decided to train and develop the professional technical skills of the workers, and not so much the emotional ones. And yet, according to Goleman, emotional intelligence predicts 80% of success in life, while the Intelligence Quotient only 20%

Training in emotional skills:

  • Training in social skills
  • Emotion Management Workshops
  • Stress Management Workshops
  • Workshops for the promotion of healthy relationships
  • Effective communication workshops
  • Emotional Leadership Workshops
  • Emotional intelligence workshops for work teams
  • Development of emotional competencies for prevention (bullying, mobbing, and other types of violence)

Strategic Intelligence, International
Intelligence and Commercial Intelligence

The concept of 3i-D has made internationalization a fixed part of any business strategy.The roads can be several, from the opening of new markets with sales to new countries; the awarding of projects in areas that are growing or expanding with new partners or new infrastructures abroad.

In any of these cases, an analysis is necessary to obtain quality information so that, as a result, the decision would be a quality one. For this, SEFORDE offers:

• Studies on the legal and security stability of different countries.
• Information about possible partners, clients or allies in these actions.
• Diagnostics and analysis of the operating areas with specific recommendations.
• Security Plans for on-site expatriates, if necessary.
• Safety and self-protection training.



The legislation obliges many activities and facilities to correctly plan evacuation, emergency, etc … Having them and reviewing them periodically is not enough if one day it is necessary to activate them. A comprehensive, global vision is necessary to work correctly when it is most needed.

Make an Emergency
and Evacuation plan

Develop Self-protection plans
for environments or managers
that require it so.

Training for plan development with Drills,
staff training,
updates and maintenance.


Strategic Consulting
and Security Audit

Analysis, Evaluation, Diagnosis, Training, Prevention, Action. Let’s create a logical order to always act in a professional, expert and safe way on any risk situation. This is our methodology before facing a study on any situation, environment, installation, population center or problem. From a comprehensive point of view to offer the most appropriate solution.

SEFORDE develops this service with the necessary sensitivity and attention to deal with delicate problems in special centers: Assistance to Women, Schools, Service Companies, Hospitals ….

24-hour Primary Evaluation Service.


Information and
Telecommunications Security

The globalization of information in international contexts and the use of tools such as online servers, clouds, communication applications or social networks generates a much higher level of exposure of reserved documents than we would think.

SEFORDE helps you develop Analysis and plans to protect your knowledge , to protect your idea:
• Design of Strategic Plans.
• Preparation of Risk Analysis
• Training in intelligence and security in communications. • Specific Security Plans in R + D + i projects
• Specific Safety Plans in the prepatent phase